Hotel Suggestions

Check out some of our suggested destinations and accommodations for a special vacation in Sardinia.

B&B Livingstone

From 65€ per night

Il Gallo Bianco

From 95€ to 105€per night

Affittacamere Arcobaleno

From 77€ to 87€per night

Cafe Bleu Relais

From 90€ to 145€per night

Piazza Azuni 18 Guest House

From 59€ to 79€per night

la casa di Ale

From 35.25€ to 55€per night

Hotel Villa delle Rose

From 55€ to 130€per night

Hotel Mistral 2

From 67€ to 136€per night

Hostel Rodia

From 90€ to 140€per night

Hotel Panorama Olbia

From 109€ to 179€per night

Hotel Abi D'Oru

From 180€ to 260€per night

Doubletree by Hilton Olbia

From 96€ to 252€per night