Our Hotel Suggestions

Check out some of our suggested destinations and accommodations for a special vacation in Sardinia.

Suite Cagliari -99-

From 90€ to 100€per night

Carpe Diem

From 27€ to 90€per night

Back to the past

From 80€ per night

Piazza Azuni 18 Guest House

From 59€ to 79€per night

L'angolo antico

From 40€ to 90€per night

la casetta

From 40€ to 50€per night

Cozy Loft in the Heart of Cagliari

From 50.6€ to 57.4€per night

Suite Cagliari -97-

From 81€ to 97€per night

Cafe Bleu Relais

From 90€ to 145€per night

B&B Juighissa Leonora

From 43.67€ to 90€per night

Casa Gigi

From 80€ to 120€per night